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FounderDating comes to Education

It’s the ecosystem, stupid.

FounderDating Education Logo

FounderDating is moving into Education

For a convergence of reasons, the energy buzzing around starting companies in the education sector is coming together quickly.  Being a veteran of the space, working in both Higher Ed and teaching High School, I help others the best I can.

So I’m excited to help announce that FounderDating is having a round to provide a platform for education entrepreneurs to meet one another and make entrepreneurial love and have company babies.  Props to Jessica Alter and a nod to Jessie Arora, Wayee Chu and Jennifer Carolan for helping to bring this together.

FounderDating has high standards for tech and entrepreneurial talent, and if you’re a great designer or hacker it’s a good spot to start noodling around with ideas and scheme with others.

If you have a blog, Tumblr account, please write a post.  Otherwise, share on Twitter and Facebook.