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Data Interoperability Framework

So, in an earlier post I was proposing that schools use their Student Information Systems to make their data readable in XML. It turns out that SIS makers have been working on this, as usual in an overly-complicated, clunky, and proprietary way. But, they seem to have given it some serious thought. There are two standards organizations, one for higher ed, IMS Global, and one for k12, SIF. Of course, this doesn’t mean schools will make this data available to the entrepreneurial cowboys bent on revolutionizing education through AJAX, even though that’s what they should do because that’s the only way to help drive innovation in this industry on a hill.

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  1. Jason Wrage February 8, 2008 at 7:21 am #

    Hi Michael — people in the SIF Association have actually been talking about how we can evolve the standard to embrace industry standard web services like AJAX, JSON, RSS, etc.

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